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YourMPEA is committed to transparency and holding Union leaders accountable. We believe the Union belongs to the members.

Members should be informed about and involved in Union operations, Board meetings, finances, and negotiations. Informed members are empowered members. Take these actions to engage more with the Union and other Union members:

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  • Read the Board meeting minutes at
  • Attend any and all member meetings hosted by the Union
  • Read the Union’s Contract and Bylaws (available upon request)

ballot, box, vote-5676561.jpg Vote for YourMPEA candidates. Check out Our Platform.

  • Run for the Board – The Union holds elections every year. If your values align with YourMPEA, we will help connect you with other Union members and support your campaign.
  • Join any or all committees – at this time MPEA has no committees available for members to join.
    • The MPEA Bylaws require a grievance committee and a negotiations committee, which currently do not exist.
    • YourMPEA supports the creation of an engagement committee, grievance committee, negotiations committee, and elections committee.
    • We believe the Union should be run by the members for the members.

Talk to your coworkers and other Union members

  • Start up a conversation with people you work with. Ask if they are experiencing the same things with employment, pay, and MPEA.
  • Stop by their cubicle or organize a meeting on your floor. Then take action!
  • YourMPEA is willing to help you connect with other members, hold a floor meeting, and pressure the Union to help with your issues.
  • Check out the Get Educated page to learn more.
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